:: JEDI 4 ::

Building Research Networks

change workshop:

:: VENUE ::

AIMS Research Centre, Muizenberg, Cape Town

:: DATES ::

24 - 30 January 2010

:: FUNDS ::

We will cover travel expenses and provide accommodation and subsistence for all invited participants.

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:: Introduction ::

The 4th workshop in the Joint Exchange and Development Initiative (JEDI) series will build on the foundations of the previous workshops. It will focus on teaching key research skills to South African, African and international students, examine new methods of research, encourage new national and international research collaborations and research networks and develop novel strategies for research success in a rapidly changing world.

In particular, the themes of this workshop will be

* New statistical methods for inference and forecasting in cosmology
* Cosmology and astronomy with SALT and MeerKAT
* Cosmology in the era of LHC, Planck and dark matter "detections"
* Accelerating the pace of research - using and adapting to new technologies
* What is good research? What is the difference between good and great research? How does a community make the transition to the next level?

The workshop will begin with lectures on cosmology on the evening of Sunday 24 January followed by drinks and discussions with AIMS students.