:: JEDI 2 - Visions of Cosmology in 2020 ::

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Cape Town / STIAS / Montagu


10 - 20 July 2008


We will reimburse travel expenses and will provide accommodation and subsistence for up to 25 participants from South Africa, Portsmouth and cognate UK institutions.

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:: Introduction

This is the 2nd Joint Exchange Development Initiative (JEDI) workshop in a series of meetings funded by the Royal Society-NRF bilateral exchange program (South Africa - UK). This workshop is also co-sponsored by the CHPC and the National Institute for Theoretical Physics (NITHeP). The JEDI workshops facilitate direct exchange of skills and expertise in cosmology by bringing students, post-docs and staff together in an informal but intense research environment to tackle unsolved cosmology problems.

The format of the JEDI workshops consists primarily of structured small working groups on selected projects. This format has proved successful in the past as a very different model of training young researchers.

To ensure quality of interactions and due to budget constraints, the workshop was limited to a maximum 25 participants in total.

In addition to the research component of the workshop, SAAO hosted children from the Baphumelele Childrens Home on Saturday 19 July, providing them with a tour of the facilities, the chance to interact with the workshop participants who ate dinner with them and showed them the sky.

:: Invited Participants

JEDI 2 was attended by Dragan Huterer (Michigan), Martin Kunz (Sussex) and Hiranya Peiris (Cambridge) as well as a number of senior staff and post-docs including Hubert Lampeitl (Portsmouth) and Daniel Mortlock (Imperial College).

:: Wiki for follow-up Research

A wiki (which requires a password for access) is available for keeping everyone up-to-date with the current progress on the various projects: http://www.cosmology.org.za/wiki/