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JEDI3 - Held at Hermanus


19-22 January 2009


Costs will be paid for all participants.

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The JEDI3 workshop was the 3rd of the Joint Exchange and Development Initiative workshops funded under the NRF-Royal Society Bilateral Grant

Unlike the previous two JEDI meetings, JEDI3 focused on a core group of students/post-docs with the explicit aim of working on the same project at the same time, creating coherence that could not be achieved with a larger group.

The Joint Exchange Development Initiative workshops are a series of meetings funded by the Royal Society-NRF bilateral exchange program. The JEDI workshops facilitate direct exchange of skills and expertise in cosmology by bringing students, post-docs and staff together in an informal but intense research environment to tackle unsolved cosmology problems.

The workshops are flexible but are guided by the aims and objectives of the Royal Society - NRF bilateral:

* Forge new research collaborations

* Facilitate skills transfer and development

* Produce excellent research in the field of Dark Energy and Observational Cosmology.